Size: 101-250

Headquarters: New York, New York, United States, North America

Website: http://www.yieldstreet.com

Description: Yieldstreet is a management platform that provides institutional investors with access to income-generating investment products. Founded in 2015, Yieldstreet gives individuals access to alternative investments that have traditionally been off-limits to the average investor. With over $2.5 billion invested across multiple asset classes, Yieldstreet is changing the way people generate passive income by lowering and removing the barriers that historically kept these lucrative opportunities far out of reach. In 2013, founders Milind Mehere and Michael Weisz were frustrated that many investment strategies were typically reserved only for institutions and the ultra-wealthy. Typically, the average investor was left to choose between the stock market and bonds with falling yields - with few options in between. Asset-based investments had longer hold periods and a higher barrier of entry, keeping them well out of reach of accredited investors — even more so for unaccredited investors. As a result, they decided to leverage the growing fintech disruption to give more people access to these previously restricted alternative investments. Milind’s background in building companies, combined with Michael’s decade-plus experience within investing and fund management, formed the core of Yieldstreet. Passion for their investors and employees, as well as a willing embrace of innovation, has been part of Yieldstreet’s identity from the beginning. Each decision to leverage a new technology, investment strategy, or originate a new deal is made with the goal of putting investors first. That drive has propelled Yieldstreet across all 50 states, crossing $100M invested in less than eight quarters, with the $1B milestone coming only three years later. In 2019, Yieldstreet’s membership had grown to 100,000, and a savings account for members was launched. Yieldstreet, since its launch in 2015, has not deviated from its goal to change investing for the better, nor has it slowed down. Yieldstreet was ranked as number 46 on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies and has been recognized by Built In as one of the Best Places to Work. Yieldstreet today delivers wealth generation options and alternative investments for more than 330,000 investors and has returned more than $1.3 billion in principal/interest. Many alternative investment platforms only focus on one asset class, such as real estate or art. Yieldstreet’s offerings, accessed through cash or a low-fee IRA, cover a wide range of asset classes — art, real estate, legal, corporates, consumer, and commercial, via single investments or funds. Yieldstreet also offers its members short-term notes on offerings with a hold period between 3 and 6 months, which generally boast higher interest rates than money markets and CDs. Yieldstreet is headquartered in New York and has offices in Brazil, Greece, and Malta. Michael Weisz serves as President and Milind Mehere serves as CEO. Together, they manage a team of more than 140 employees, all working toward Yieldstreet’s one goal: change the way people invest for the better.