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Your site's amazing, what a great resource and kind of crazy that something like this hasn't existed before (or at least I haven't heard about it).

DM, Reddit

This is AMAZING!! Sharing this with my team. I think it will be one of my go to tools.

Denise, LinkedIn

this is insanely fast!

rlocke, Reddit

Oh my god this is amazing. Tomorrow is my last official day at my job as I'm being laid off the 2nd time this year. I've had no luck so far, so let's cross our fingers!!!

EBT_For_CBT, Reddit

This is wicked fast! Nice job!

HearOhh, Reddit

TThis is awesome. I'm in the midst of my job search. Already I'm seeing openings that is not listed elsewhere. I will be using this going forward. Thank you for the great work!

TheDeafDad, Reddit

Holy sh*t that's fast.

pleasedropSSR, Reddit

As someone who is about to come out of Full Stack bootcamp, this is already so much easier than everything else I have seen! Thank you so much for this!

DM, Reddit

Wow thank you so much! This is amazing, this will for sure help me in my job search right now :)

erugaba, Reddit

This tool is great, already applied to one or two Privacy Specialist positions I found.

PuffinPineapple, Reddit

This is amazing . . .! I love that the jobs it is pulling aren't from the 'typical' source like Indeed/LinkedIn job boards, but from companies' career pages. Might be some gems not listed on those sitres.... Got pages and pages of UX jobs just from searching one majosr keyword relevant to UX! THANK YOU!!

Mike, LinkedIn

Nice! Even gave me results on a niche integration platform I work with. I’m actually going to apply for the first result! Thank you!!

flipflapslap, Reddit