Size: 101-250

Headquarters: New York, New York, United States, North America

Website: https://uphold.com/

Description: Uphold’s technology enables individuals and businesses to invest, exchange, spend and transfer 84 currencies (national & digital), commodities, equities, and more globally. The eWallet, reserve, payment and open API platform allows businesses and our 6+ million users a secure way to transact between supported assets instantly, almost anywhere in the world. We offer a unique trading experience - ‘Anything-to-Anything’ - allowing customers to trade directly between asset classes, saving time and money. Uphold connects new and old money systems through the integration of blockchain networks, Interledger, banking rails in over 35 countries, and credit & debit cards. The platform enables instant peer-to-peer and spending via the Uphold debit MasterCard - send or spend currencies, commodities, equities or any other asset we support in over 150 countries.