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Description: Springboard has evolved into a full time 13 week bootcamp accelerator programme based in ideaSpace within the Cambridge University. This new format has been funded by a syndicate of angel investors that includes NESTA and will be managed by Jon Bradford, the founder of The Difference Engine. Springboard will adopt a model comparable to Y Combinator and TechStars. It will provide £5,000 per founder (to a maximum of three founders) for 6% of the business with intensive mentoring and support throughout the bootcamp from over 50 accomplished mentors including experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. The programme ends with the teams presenting their business to venture capitalists and angel investors at an Investor Day. As of February 2013, Springboard has joined forces with TechStars and became [TechStars London](http://techcrunch.com/2013/02/20/u-s-accelerator-techstars-goes-global-merges-with-uks-springboard-and-opens-its-first-international-outpost-in-london-something-feels-different-now-says-cohen/).