Sharethrough USA


Size: 101-250

Headquarters: Montréal, Quebec, Canada, North America


Description: Sharethrough today is one of the leading independent omnichannel ad exchanges in the world. We are committed to preserving an open internet with independent and accessible content funded by quality advertising. Our mission is to build a sustainable advertising ecosystem for journalists, content creators and app developers, by connecting publishers and advertisers with true technology innovation supporting all ad formats, devices, and user experiences. The first building block of Sharethrough started at Stanford where Dan Greenberg and Rob Fan were teaching assistants in the first-ever "Facebook class". One of their core observations during this time was that the best performing monetization strategy for the applications they built was genuinely interesting sponsored content that was presented in a non-interruptive format. This learning led to the founding of Sharethrough and the company’s role in evangelizing the native advertising movement. Sharethrough merged with District M in February 2021. By doubling the exchange overnight, we now have a dedicated team of 140 talented employees across 8 offices in the US & Canada to help us achieve our goals. With the mission of modernizing online advertising, Sharethrough is one of the fastest growing technology companies, with one of the world’s most sophisticated monetization software platforms, predicated on helping digital media as whole move beyond the pervasive model of interruptive, low value online advertising.