Size: 51-100

Headquarters: Paris, Ile-de-France, France, Europe


Description: We empower any business to level up their performance through pricing. Pricemoov is the next-generation Price Optimization & Management software built for mid-to-large-sized companies of any pricing maturity level, who wish to leverage their prices for better profitability. With Pricemoov, you can Build : Initiate and structure complex price lists in a simple way Adapt : Manage and update your prices and promotions across all channels in real time Automate: Compute the best prices using simple rules or advance AI/ML Get Insights: Monitor your KPIs and transform data into actionable insights…all on an easy-to-use enterprise-class platform that is open, secure, and can constantly evolve with your needs as your own pricing maturity grows. On top of the modular software platform, we also have a team of multi-disciplinary experts in data, pricing and tech who are dedicated to supporting customers throughout their pricng journey. Pricemoov will help you boost profitability, ease operational pains, reduce risk and costs related to price optimization and management. The power of pricing is an untapped goldmine for most businesses...We are here to make it accessible.