Overbond AI


Size: 11-50

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America

Website: https://www.overbond.com/

Description: Overbond is a developer of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven real-time data solutions for bond trading automation. Overbond offers the most advanced bond trading data streams and execution management system (EMS) in the market. The Overbond suite can be integrated into the systems and workflow of any and every fixed income trading desk in the world. Overbond helps fixed income trading desks overcome the lack of a complete and centralized pricing and transaction data source for the bond markets, execute more client trades, increase the profitably of the trades that are executed, conduct pre-trade and post-trade analyses, monitor prices and risk and prepare reports. Overbond clients have realized ten times return on investment and achieved a minimum of $3 million additive profit by using Overbond to automate trading per trading desk. Fixed income traders using Overbond can increase their profitability by responding to 80% to 120% more client trade requests while maintaining an optimal ratio of trades the desk wants to execute versus trades the desk doesn’t want to execute.