Size: 11-50

Headquarters: Singapore, Central Region, Singapore, Asia


Description: Started in 2012, MyDoc has become one of Asia's top digital healthcare companies with the goal to create an efficient and effective healthcare ecosystem for patients and doctors. MyDoc offers simple, easy-to-use and time-saving services for convenient and easily accessible healthcare. Headquartered in Singapore, MyDoc has built a comprehensive healthcare services network across Asia that connects organisations, governments and patients to doctors, pharmacies, insurers and laboratories. Working with our partners in Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, MyDoc develops customised solutions that are tailored to solving your healthcare needs and engaging your customers in a meaningful and effective manner. MyDoc offers a variety of healthcare solutions including: - Digital Concierge - an efficient and cost-saving digital call centre model that allows easy rostering for healthcare professionals. Users are provided with an easy platform (mobile or computer) to manage their healthcare needs including easy access to their healthcare data. - Electronic Personal Health Screenings - MyDoc provides offline and online services for health screenings for benefits packages, community engagement and other programmes. Participants benefit from a simple process that includes quicker results straight to their mobile phones or computers and video or message consultations with trusted healthcare professionals. Organisations are provided with trackable results, more cost efficient services and an easy-to-manage process. - Virtual Clinic - connect directly to trusted healthcare professionals through mobile or computer for consultations or healthcare advice in a secure and simple manner. MyDoc offers access to a broad network of services that includes healthcare professionals, pharmacies, insurers and lab data.