Size: 101-250

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States, North America


Description: Molekule began in San Francisco in 2014 with a vision to revolutionize air purification, and bring clean air to everyone, everywhere. Jaya Rao is our current CEO, and Dilip Goswami is president and CTO, and both of them are Molekule co-founders. As a child, Molekule co-founder Dilip Goswami had severe asthma and allergies. His father, Molekule co-founder Dr. Yogi Goswami, was frustrated by the lack of options for addressing poor indoor air quality. After more than 25 years of research and development, Dr. Goswami and his team decided to bring this groundbreaking technology to consumers for the first time. Both Goswami and Rao are Stanford engineers on a mission to provide better indoor air to everyone who needs it. Our breakthrough methods are fundamentally different from traditional filtration. Rather than trap particles in a filter, Molekule’s patented PECO technology destroys pollutants at the molecular level. Rigorous testing at a multitude of independent, third-party laboratories has carefully tracked and measured the destruction of particles by PECO technology. This is on top of the research Dr. Yogi Goswami did between 2006 and 2015 before helping found Molekule, when he published over 23 reports on this work. While many feel comfortable in their homes, the reality is that indoor air is often stagnant and full of particles. The World Health Organization has noted that 9 out of ten people throughout the world are breathing polluted air — indoors and out. Here at Molekule, we are on a mission to change the current realities for homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, the hospitality industry, and more. After more than 25 years of research and development work, Molekule has made even larger strides in PECO technology and air purification. In 2019, we launched Air Mini to provide a smaller standalone unit at a lower price point for rooms of less than 250 square feet. From dander particles to pollen, there are all kinds of tiny molecules that float in the air and get trapped in homes. In September 2020, we announced our new Air Pro purifier, which has increased airflow, six speed settings, and a particle sensor. The Molekule team’s work to increase airflow reflects how committed we are to addressing pain points stemming from some Molekule review notes and consumer feedback. Our growth as a company has always been focused on addressing the gap in solutions for air quality. Our team is committed to continual improvement in our pursuit of cleaner air, and our technology reflects that. Air Pro has the same sleek and futuristic design as previous Air models. Molekule continues to push forward with new advances for better air purifying solutions with groundbreaking nanotechnology. Our cutting-edge technology has been praised for its ability to destroy viruses and mold. In laboratory tests, Molekule’s PECO technology destroyed over 99.947 percent of a proxy virus (MS2 bacteriophage) in one hour and destroyed over 99.999 percent in 24 hours. Testing has shown that Air reduces a single injection of particulate matter 0.3 to 1.0 micron in size by 85 percent in 22 minutes. The particles destroyed by Air can affect people’s health, especially those with asthma, allergies, and congestion. Molekule units are designed to be quiet and efficient in destroying pollutants, allergens, viruses, and other harmful particles. On the commercial side, Molekule created Air Pro RX in response to a clear need in medical settings. This larger Molekule unit has FDA-granted 510(k) Class II Medical Device Clearance and is intended for healthcare facilities, like clinics and hospitals. Air Pro RX utilizes the same PECO technology as the smaller Air units to destroy bacteria and viruses floating in the air. This is a common need for many healthcare providers that are looking for solutions to help increase safety for patients, employees, and visitors – especially in concentrated waiting rooms, heavy-traffic lobbies, ICUs, isolation units, and emergency departments. Our units do not produce ozone or disturb airflow, and each is rated to cover critical environments of up to 600 square feet. In addition to the Air Pro RX, the FDA has also granted Molekule’s Air Mini and Air Mini+ Class II medical device clearance for the destruction of viruses and bacteria. Developed for smaller spaces in healthcare environments and for medical use in the home, Air Mini and Air Mini+ were demonstrated to have greater than 5-log, or 99.999% reduction of RNA virus MS2, in just two hours. Our team remains committed to building technology-based solutions for a brighter, cleaner and clearer world.