Size: 1-10

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States, North America

Website: http://mindbloom.com

Description: Mindbloom Incorporated is a Seattle-based interactive media company that's out to make life improvement accessible to everyone. By harnessing next-generation engagement techniques and focusing them on personal development, Mindbloom has created a new, powerful way for people to improve the quality of their lives. Utilizing behavioral science, personalized rich media, and fun social gaming techniques in their offerings Mindbloom makes the process of personal growth fun, simple and effective. Founded in 2008 by executive gaming producer Chris Hewett and early Amazon executive Brent Poole, Mindbloom has over 30,000 registered users and enterprise customers including Aetna™ and Sacramento State University, as well as research partnerships with UC Santa Barbara—Center of Health Game Research and Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab.