Size: 1-10

Headquarters: Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria, Africa

Website: https://pluslife.app

Description: Although Nigeria has the highest mobile subscription in Africa; there is still over 30+ million unconnected and Penetration (% of Pop. with Internet) of 37.59% leaving approximately 63 million on the other side of the Digital Divide. Hopes for improvement is hampered by the absence of the prioritisation of these largely semi – rural dwellers with low –poverty levels of income. For this segment which arguably describes most of Africa’s 900m people, the promise and potential of connectivity to transform their lives is a distant prospect where it exists at all. lack of a pro African grown mid-range solution. It is against this background that we introduce ‘+Life’, a revolutionary and affordable off-line platform providing a communication gateway for rural areas as well as a low-cost alternative for urban areas. +LIFE allows people to stay connected at all times, message and calls even without traditional data bundles. +LiFE is a platform that helps people stay connected by providing free calls, browsing, online chat and SMS services on the platform. The +LiFE technology uses multi-Protocol Mix of un-Licensed channels, blending WIFI, Bluetooth, V-sat and long haul routing peer to peer mesh data links into a free and persistent communication network backbone. We realized that internet access is very important for rural development through education and information dissemination. It also forms a part of the major reasons for rural-urban migration in Nigeria and the entire Africa, so we set-out to provide a simple, innovative and reliable solution that is designed to provide a primary communication gateway suitable for people living in rural areas where there is little or no data or network coverage, as well serve as an alternative low-cost communication platform for urban dwellers. The platform also supports development of 3rd party applications that can be tailored to meet the needs of users on the backbone.