Size: 51-100

Headquarters: Mahwah, New Jersey, United States, North America


Description: Chefman is the best option for your next kitchen appliance. We’ll make it simple: The Chefman brand is all about adding real life value, providing you with the kitchen tools you need to make your life easier and more efficient. The heart and soul of what makes Chefman appliances special lies in the relentless drive to give you products that keep to the highest quality standards, with functional yet innovative design, and fashion forward styling. We’d like to think that it’s our hard work that has led to Chefman becoming the fastest growing small appliance brand in the country, pleasing millions of families in just a few short years, but in reality, it’s you who we have to thank for our success. It’s your trust and support that keep the gears churning; your feedback that fuels the desire to constantly stay ahead of the market with fresh features, daring designs, and of course preposterously low price points. So thank you for putting your trust in us, and for coming back time and time again. In return, we continue to bring you incredibly value packed appliances to enrich your personal kitchen experience.