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Description: Are your photos, videos and docs scattered across devices and applications? With younited, you’ll always have your stuff with you. Download younited on your smartphone, tablet and computer to access your photos, videos and docs from any device. Once you’ve downloaded younited, you can transfer, store and share any files between any of your devices – at any time. With younited, you can collect the photos, videos, documents and other content that you have on your various devices into one safe place. You can update your content to desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, giving you access to your files independent of time, device and location. Younited also lets you share your content in various ways, such as by e-mail and on social networks. Apart from sharing your content, you can also create group spaces where you can invite people to join. In these private spaces, you can let your group members add, edit and delete photos, documents, and other stuff. In addition to younited’s own secure and private storage space, you can also connect your Facebook, Picasa and Dropbox accounts to younited. Once you do that, younited will automatically fetch your photos from these services and show them in younited. This allows you to see all your stuff in one single service where you can find, organize and share it with friends, family and business associates.