Size: 11-50

Headquarters: London, England, United Kingdom, Europe

Website: https://util.co

Description: Responsible investment managers are increasingly integrating ESG into their investment decisions. However bottom line returns remain the only robust measure of investment success. Util has developed a unique methodology to support the next generation of responsible investors as they seek to compare, monitor and report based on a new bottom line. Util starts by using big data and machine learning to discover quantified, comparable company data, relating to a wide range of stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders, environment, suppliers, community, government). These data are aggregated and converted into a dollar 'annual value generated'​ bottom line metric, changing the goal-posts of investing and allowing responsible investors to screen, monitor and report based on both financial and non-financial returns on investment. Util represents the cutting edge of company assessment and analysis, moving well beyond ESG metrics, to an articulation of the company as a complex 'value generator'​. Util's methodology and product covers the entirety of listed securities and is used by investment managers seeking unique analysis which mirrors the efficiencies of financial analysis and reporting. Util is working with two investment manager partners, with a combined $130bn assets under management, to develop its methodology and product.