Size: 11-50

Headquarters: London, England, United Kingdom, Europe

Website: https://www.tallarium.com/

Description: There is a lack of a single public price in many energy markets due to a tiny share of trades being electronic. This leads to data being siloed and unstructured across companies which causes missed opportunities and reduced trading profitability. Tallarium is the market leader in true value discovery (TVD), using natural language processing and machine learning to understand market information in traders’ text chats and voice calls, turning it into useful data. Tallarium's engine delivers real-time price data you can trust for making trades faster and more timely. We support traders in the illiquid OTC energy markets who use Tallarium as an alternative to manual Excel spreadsheets for tracking prices in brokered markets. We deliver them the true edge they need to succeed and energy markets are just the beginning of what’s possible.