Size: 11-50

Headquarters: Somerville, Massachusetts, United States, North America

Website: https://www.tagup.io/

Description: Tagup Inc. was founded in 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts. The team consists of twenty individ- uals, including eight data scientists. The company’s core IP is related to four areas: 1) High-performance computing pipeline (data acquisition, data wrangling, model and data delivery), 2) Time-to-event modeling (large-scale time series-based modeling of time to event, accurately predicting equipment failure and critical events over timescales ranging from days to decades), 3) Anomaly detection and operating mode classification (a semi-supervised approach for identifying unusual operation without explicit alarm thresholds), and 4) Inference and optimization (for specific applications, recommending specific control actions to optimize equipment use). Tagup’s customers are primarily in the energy industry, ranging from distribution through generation. The technology is deployed in various applications, including electric distribution networks, high-purity water systems, offshore wind turbines, and military ground vehicles, among others.