Size: 1-10

Headquarters: Crows Nest, Queensland, Australia, Oceania


Description: The idea of Parcl was born when a few friends found themselves in need of an across-the-world delivery for collectibles. Unfortunately, there was no company that could offer just what we needed. There were a lot of regular people, who could potentially help us right away just because they lived in the right country. But how do we reach those people? It occurred that anything could be delivered anywhere if only there were a website connecting shoppers with people capable of delivering their purchases. That’s how Parcl was born. Parcl is a human-powered service helping to pair up "shoppers" in need of assistance with purchasing in overseas shops with "forwarders" who are able to buy and ship products. On the other side of the service, anyone can register at Parcl as a forwarder and offer shipping services they are able to fulfill. All Parcl users’ (both shoppers and forwarders) identities are verified to prevent fraud and ensure a safe and secure experience for all.