Size: 51-100

Headquarters: Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, Europe

Website: http://oni.bio

Description: ONI is a pioneer of super-resolution microscopy, making this advanced technology accessible to new generations of researchers. The Nanoimager, the world's first benchtop sized super-resolution microscope, delivers a step change in usability and precision. This, together with our next-generation consumable products will empower academic researchers, clinicians and scientists to on a path to discovery. The microscope offers easy access to a range of super-resolution techniques including dSTORM and PALM, as well as smFRET, single-particle tracking and confocal. The company's achievements have been recognised by FastTrack100 who named ONI on their 2018 list of 10 Disruptors to Watch and ONI won Best Business Start-up at the 2018 IOP Awards. More and more life science researchers and pharma companies are taking an interest in ONI and it now has customers using its products in leading laboratories across the globe, including the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard. ONI has a restless enthusiasm to make the world a better place. Our ambition is to bring super-resolution fluorescence imaging to a new community of researchers and we are removing barriers to make science more effective, accessible and affordable. Our vision is to accelerate scientific discovery and fight disease by enabling everyone to visualize, understand and share the microscopic details of life.