Size: 51-100

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States, North America

Website: https://ndb.technology

Description: NDB is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The Corporation was formed to develop and manufacture semiconductors, energy, and battery solutions. NDB develops innovative clean energy generators and storage systems with a simplified and innovative design optimized to produce economical and pollutant-free electricity, namely the novel NDB Cell, NDB Chantico, NDB Volta, and DEP (Decentralized Energy Platform). NDB Cell, NDB Volta, and NDB Chantico are all closed-loop energy systems for low and high-power applications that redefine and revolutionize the battery and energy-generating systems as we know them. NDB Cell is a radioisotope electric generator (REG) device that can provide clean energy to power numerous applications over their entire lifespan and overcome the limitations of the existing energy generation/distribution solutions. NDB Chantico is a high-efficiency radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG) that uses nuclear waste sources. It is based on the heat generated by radioactive decay of the radioisotope and converting it into electricity using the thermoelectric converter. NDB Chantico’s heat source consists of different radioisotope compositions mainly processed from nuclear waste. NDB Volta is a compact and modular smart microreactor that will lead the future of small and portable power generation technology. NDB optimizes a new smart core design that will combine small size and high energy density features based on a fission heat source. NDB is developing new multiphase semiconductors and encapsulation techniques for multiphase power sources. DEP is a decentralized energy platform incorporating several novel functionalities, energy sharing, and trading with Volt token, a live payment instrument for the energy produced by NDB or other utility providers.