Size: 11-50

Headquarters: Tirat Carmel, Hefa, Israel, Asia


Description: MeMed Diagnostics is a personalized diagnostics company founded in 2009. They are here to improve patient care, empower physicians, and lower health-care costs through rapid and actionable diagnostics for infectious diseases. Their main focus is preventing antibiotics misuse. Antibiotics are the most prescribed class of drugs worldwide with a global market of 25-30 billion $US. Up to 70% of antibiotics are estimated to be prescribed inappropriately, making them the most misused drug class in the world. Antibiotics misuse leads to ineffective treatment, emergence of resistant strains of bacteria, and is estimated to cost healthcare systems worldwide tens of billions of dollars annually. Their platform, the ImmunoDx™, leverages the world’s most accurate diagnostic system for differentiating bacteria from viruses, crafted by nature, the body’s immune system. ImmunoDx™ combines proprietary biomarkers, algorithms, and clinical know-how to identify the source of infection (virus vs bacteria, bacterial spectrum), by decoding the immune system`s differential response to different pathogens. This unique approach enables ImmunoDx™ to address some of the major challenges facing currently available diagnostics for infectious diseases.