Size: 51-100

Headquarters: Berlin, Berlin, Germany, Europe


Description: Labforward supports laboratory teams on their quest for groundbreaking discoveries and delivering innovative high-quality products. With digital tools for laboratories, it increases productivity and improves efficiency in laboratories. The company's products include the user-friendly electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) Labfolder and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform Laboperator. The digital connectivity of laboratories and innovative data management is a focus topic in industry and research. In a fragmented landscape of high-tech equipment and specialized software, Labforward links data silos and helps to eliminate costly and error-prone data transfers. Based on this horizontal connectivity, the software Laboperator enables the remote control and monitoring of laboratory equipment, the integration of LIMS systems, databases and special software as well as the automation of workflows. The Labfolder data platform aggregates both automatically recorded and manually added data and enables the review, sharing, retrieval and validation of data by means of a collaborative ELN. Whether life sciences, chemical synthesis, analytics, quality control or research and development: no matter how specific the field or task of a laboratory may be, the way it works and the requirements for data management have a common core. Labforward focuses on this core.