Size: 11-50

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States, North America

Website: http://joinkoru.com

Description: Koru is a developer of a predictive recruitment processing platform used to transform the process of talent recruitment. The company's predictive hiring software gauges performance of the applicants before hiring them using signals far more indicative of early career success than the traditional GPA and college brand. Their main differentiator is that they have identified and can measure the skills that are most predictive of workplace performance in today’s innovative employers: Grit, Rigor, Impact, Teamwork, Curiosity, Ownership, and Polish - collectively the Koru7. Koru customers increase the performance and ramp to the productivity of their early career workforce, increase diversity, and reduce the cost of bad hires. Their customers have seen 30-60% increases in high performing hires using Koru, with associated ROI in the millions per year.