Size: 51-100

Headquarters: Munich, Bayern, Germany, Europe

Website: https://www.klarx.de/

Description: klarx is the leading platform for construction equipment rental in Europe, enabling the energy transition currently underway. klarx is revolutionizing the way machines are rented and used, which in turn is enabling the massive expansion of solar energy in Germany. So far, klarx has served over 6.800 customers and has operated more than 330k rental days. Through the vast network of 4.900 supplier stations and our logistic centres, we can ensure that machines are travelling less than 50km to the construction site and are always used with the highest utilization rates. After successfully building up the klarxManager software and network business, klarx has launched two logistic centres in Europe and plans to open another 9 logistic centres across Europe within the next three years. klarx has already raised over 23.7 Mio. € from investors like Target Global, Lukasz Gadowski, the Flixbus founders and the B&C Holding.