Size: 1001-5000

Headquarters: Madrid, Madrid, Spain, Europe


Description: Jobandtalent is an on-demand staffing marketplace that aims to make the labor market much more liquid and transparent, helping companies to hire in a more flexible way and with the mission of being part of the reduction of unemployment in the world. The labor market has evolved from a very structured state into an extremely flexible one. Companies are demanding flexibility which has resulted in the growth of liquidity in the market. However, the flexible state of the labor market is also leaving the workers in a vulnerable and unprotected employment situation. Jobandtalent has created a Workforce as a Service (WaaS) platform in order to make this labor flexibility beneficial for both companies and workers alike. The company has offices in the UK, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, and Colombia, and has plans for further expansion to France and Italy by the end of the year.