Size: 11-50

Headquarters: Milano, Lombardia, Italy, Europe


Description: INVENTIA IS THE #1 IN THE WORLD VISUAL ENGAGEMENT TO BRINGS CHATBOT, CHAT, COLLABORATION, IDENTITY, ESIGN & PAYMENT TOGETHER INTO AN AUTOMATIC SALES FUNNEL MANAGEMENT TO GUIDE PROSPECTS FROM ENGAGEMENT TO SALES IN A CLICK. Gartner Cool Vendor 2015 The Inventia 3.5 platform is based on WebRTC technology and allows you to manage customer engagement, collaboration, commercial script or CRM automated procedures, and even customer identification to digital signature or payment, and all these within a multichannel chat system. On the Inventia platform, customer engagement can take place in many ways, for example through the use of a chat-bot solution and an auto reply system, or through text-chat and video-chat, by providing innovative and effective support to the customer who will be constantly guided by the remote agent for any support in assistance or purchasing matters. The platform also offers extensive web-collaboration and online identification capabilities for customer on-boarding, in both attended and un-attended made, according to the required compliance, and according to the European eIDAS regulation. Inventia 3.5 can also integrate with any digital signature system and allowing a contract to be signed within the Chat system. For this reason, the Inventia platform is primarily designed to handle sales processes in addition to CRM, and allows you to manage customer engagement, identification, signatures and sale all in one package. Engage-identify-sign & sell! Inventia 3.5 exclusive feature is the ability to guide the customer through commercial and CRM scripts/processes step by step within a chat system, by automating agent activities, and speeding up script execution and customer satisfaction. In some cases, the benefits gained were, in terms of operator efficiency increase, even 65% compared to similar solutions. The solution allows you to manage customer engagement through a synergic chatbot-text chat and videochat (one-2-one or one-2-many) system allowing the operator to interact with multiple customers (max 10 contemporaries per agent) by upgrading the interaction from a text chat to a video chat to guide the customer. It is the only solution on the market offering the capability of customer experience within a commercial or sales script in a fully automated way, also managing customer identification and integration with signature systems. In summary, the operator - Expert - can guide the customer - Consumer - into each script on any Inventia supported channel. The solution is specifically designed for the Enterprise market and offers security, scalability, interoperability and reliability levels at the highest standards of the market.