Size: 51-100

Headquarters: London, England, United Kingdom, Europe


Description: FundApps provides automated compliance monitoring services to financial institutions, including some of the world’s largest asset managers, hedge funds and investment banks. FundApps is used to monitor over $12 trillion in client assets every day. FundApps tackles the three biggest issues many compliance teams face when determining their responsibility to disclose: keeping track of international regulation, interpreting it correctly and accurately aggregating exposure across portfolios. Their services: Shareholding Disclosure (major shareholding / beneficial ownership, short selling, takeover panels), Sensitive Industries (industries with special significance) and Position Limits (exchange-based limits, with data sourcing and netting & aggregation). They deliver a managed service to their clients, pairing innovative technology with legal knowledge from their dedicated team of compliance experts. Their compliance experts stay up-to-date with over 400 rules in 100+ jurisdictions, providing rules and legal content that let their clients make disclosures faster and more accurately than ever before. Yearly upgrades, server costs and maintenance fees for traditional software are all made redundant with their single yearly subscription fee and seamless, daily updates mean clients are always using the latest and greatest version of their service. They've received multiple awards for their innovation, including being listed in the FinTech50 (50 most ground-breaking FinTech start-ups in Europe) two years in a row. They’re also a member of TechCity UK’s FutureFifty, an industry group containing 50 of the UK’s most disruptive and promising technology startups.