Size: 51-100

Headquarters: Alexandria, Al Iskandariyah, Egypt, Africa


Description: eSpace is the leading IT service provider in Egypt and the Arab region. We develop tailored enterprise solutions to optimize business processes and streamline information accessibility. We are strong believers in open-source technologies which we use to develop powerful, reliable and highly scalable web and mobile applications. Our Team comprises of passionate and committed talents always eager to develop the next big thing. eSpace is always eager to explore the latest technologies available and make use of them for our customers. Currently we are immersed in the Worlds of Web and Mobile with a wide range of interests such as Python, django, iOS and Android. eSpace is also considered to be the undeclared leader in the Middle East for Ruby on Rails developments and we were also the first Arab speakers in international RubyConf 2008 and Ruby Kaigi 2009. Making use of other people’s technologies is not enough; what is equally important is giving back to the community. eSpace has long been an ardent supporter and contributor to open-source technologies. We are also strongly supportive of any step that amplifies the Arabic-oriented user’s experience online, emphasizing Arabic Language analysis, indexing, improvement of Arabic search and Arabic online editors/transliterates. Our team has the creative vision and talented brains to serve its customers to the fullest. Insightful consultation, skills diversity and flexibility in meeting and exceeding client expectations are our very strengths. We have a full spectrum of talents, including technical engineers, web developers, web designers, graphic designers and a business development team. We work in an extremely dynamic and challenging environment where we are continuously exploring new technologies and applying them to serve our client’s needs, an environment where high learning capacity and creative thinking are essential.