Size: 51-100

Headquarters: Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom, Europe


Description: Caribou was born out the merger of a number of Mail, Parcel and Packet specialist companies and is the new kid on the block but packing a big punch with over 20 years experience in the distribution and delivery industry. Within Caribou’s DNA is the drive to be a logistic leader rather than a follower. Taking a new approach to delivery solutions, Caribou is designing and building its own game changing domestic and international mail and parcel solutions alongside its network of premium partners. Continuously evolving, their goal is to ensure an optimum delivery experience for the end user. One of Caribou’s core principles is to be pioneering and innovative, using technology to its advantage and helping to position it as the market leader. Caribou is best placed to deliver on the needs of its customers and their consumers through a network of locations across the UK and around the world including its strategically placed Heathrow hub.