Boson Protocol


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Description: Boson Protocol is the decentralized network on which future commerce will run. And it starts with metaverse commerce. Boson Protocol enables anyone to sell physical products in the metaverse as NFTs within our Decentraland space – Boson Portal. With Boson Protocol you can build commerce applications that anyone can trust and everyone can use. Current e-commerce platforms extract excessive value from their users. Merchants, buyers and sellers don’t have a viable alternative. Boson Protocol’s vision is to enable a decentralized commerce ecosystem by funding and enabling the development of a stack of specialized applications starting in the metaverse to disrupt, demonopolize and democratize commerce. Boson Protocol makes it possible to sell physical products in the metaverse as NFTs. Our NFT-based solution for digital-physical redemption is interoperable with the NFT ecosystem, easy to implement and rewards you for using it. Unlike centralized intermediaries, Boson has minimal fees, and is owned by the participants in the system, so that we all share in the value that we create.