Feature Gaming


Size: 1-10

Headquarters: New York, New York, United States, North America

Website: https://www.featuregaming.com

Description: Streamers are offline for 12+ hours a day and any additional time offline like taking a couple days off or going on vacation can directly impact their revenue potential. In short, anytime away from streaming is money lost. It causes a drop in viewership and engagement which leads to a decrease in subscriptions, donations and bit cheers from twitch followers. It can also lead to a drop in advertising revenue from twitch, weaker results for their sponsors, and decreased merchandise and affiliate sales. Our team has developed a platform that enables streamers to host their own gaming tournaments for their fans and viewers to play in. We're making it easy for streamers to find sponsors for their events by automatically providing them with a list of companies willing to sponsor the event and give away prizes like merchandise, digital experiences (for example, playing with the streamer during their stream), free trials, and much more. Our mission is to make esports competitions available to all gamers and we're working with streamers to make that happen. Now, anyone can compete in tournaments with games like Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG, and CS:GO.