Size: 11-50

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States, North America


Description: The Automotus team is on a mission to transform urban mobility by helping cities, airports, fleets, and small businesses manage the unprecedented rise in congestion and emissions from commercial vehicle traffic. We’ve developed first-of-its-kind computer vision technology that helps our customers make smarter policy decisions using comprehensive, real-time curb activity data; fully automate payment for commercial vehicle (un)loading and parking; automate enforcement of curbside violations; make accessible real-time curb availability data for drivers; and incentivize adoption of electric vehicles. From cities to residents and small businesses, our solutions are meant to benefit everyone by making our communities safer, healthier, and more efficient places to live and move. Our technology supports cities across the US and in Europe, including the nation’s first zero-emissions delivery zones in Santa Monica and Los Angeles.