Size: 251-500

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States, North America


Description: Airbase is the only spend management platform that scales for companies from founding to IPO and beyond. It brings together three products: a comprehensive accounts payable automation system, a leading-edge corporate card program, and fully automated employee expense reimbursements. Simply put, it handles every dollar of non-payroll spend that leaves a company, from initial request for spend, to booking to the general ledger. Spend management is a different approach and a new way of thinking about how companies spend money. It shifts the relationship between employees and the budget by building accountability into fast-paced workflows and supporting ownership of spending, which are especially vital functions for a distributed workforce. Companies customize approval workflows to ensure the appropriate routing of requests while building an audit trail of compliance for every purchase. Approvals occur in Slack, email, or the Airbase mobile app so that approvers can quickly review and approve or ask questions without having to leave their working communication environment. Accounting automation tools for scheduling, accruing, amortizations, and categorizing transactions save time and eliminate errors. A full selection of payment types, including virtual cards, physical cards, checks, ACH, and vendor credits, all from one control center, make AP teams efficient and even open opportunities to optimize returns by selecting payment types that generate cash back whenever possible. When every dollar of non-payroll spend is handled on one platform, actual spending against the budget can be viewed any day of the week by all stakeholders. Airbase improves operations across the whole company. Employees are empowered to safely and easily get the resources they need to be productive. Managers have oversight and control of their budgets. Finance teams are more efficient with accounting automation. Leadership has access to real-time data for better decision-making. All benefit from Airbase’s well-designed and intuitive user interface that is easy to onboard and simple to use. Finance teams in small and mid-market companies are underserved by existing process automation tools for accounts payable and expense management. The resulting cobbled-together solutions, inefficient processes, and manual workflows place strain on finance teams and can confuse or frustrate employees. Airbase’s single platform solution can replace many of the software tools that are widely used, including spreadsheets, Expensify,, Brex, and AMEX. This replacement streamlines processes, eliminates cross-platform reconciliation needs, and even reveals wasted spend. The Airbase platform consolidates three functional areas without asking users to compromise on the quality or functionality expected from a best-of-breed solution. This allows companies to enjoy the benefits of having everything available in one place and standardized to the same workflows without missing the value of legacy point solutions. Current practices can stymie growth, degrade decision-making, and relegate finance staff to low-value manual work. Airbase gives companies the efficiencies they need to grow, from founding to IPO, without investing heavily in back-office staff. The Airbase spend management solution unlocks trapped talent, provides visibility and control over all non-payroll spend, shortens the close, and provides better budget management so you can build a great company.