Size: 251-500

Headquarters: New York, New York, United States, North America

Website: http://360learning.com

Description: 360Learning develops a collaborative learning solution to help companies unlock learning based on collective expertise. 360Learning offers an easy way to create, deliver, and improve courses together. The Collaborative Learning platform relies on bottom-up peer learning where anyone can elevate and respond to requests for knowledge, closing skills gaps faster. With the iterative training framework, minimum viable courses are shipped quickly and improved constantly by peers who identify out-of-date content or suggest additions. Feedback & data from interactions within the course are also pushed to coaches on the platform, who facilitate peer learning by ensuring that courses are easily accessible, actionable & impactful. From onboarding new employees to training sales reps on a new product pitch, 360Learning aligns employee aspirations with organization expectations. Our integrations into SalesForce & HR systems help leaders see how training drives business goals. Since 2012, 360Learning has transformed 1200 organizations through Collaborative Learning, including Axa, Criteo, Air Canada, Michelin, and the Red Cross.